Hockey Summit of the Arts

Ultimate Warriors
Summit 2020
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Ultimate Warriors Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
1 G Zeke James (Attendance)

3 D Rob Ceh (Attendance)

5 Cam Pyziak (Attendance)

6 F Hilary Coleman (Attendance)

10 F Jen Cypher (Attendance)

11 D Steve Foster (Attendance)

13 F/D Zoey James (Attendance)

15 F/D Dean Belanger L (Attendance)

17 D Chris Hazard (Attendance)

18 F Ted McIlwain (Attendance)

19 F Ryan Murphy (Attendance)

23 F Laine Pond (Attendance)
24 D kNeil Spek (Attendance)

40 D Cam Britton (Attendance)

51 F Brian McClure (Attendance)

65 F Shawn Squires (Attendance)

67 D Jason Adolph (Attendance)

71 F Matt Patterson (Attendance)

77 D Michelle Lawrence (Attendance)

93 F Chris Ozilins (Attendance)