Hockey Summit of the Arts

Twisted Sisters
Summit 2020
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Twisted Sisters Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
0 Ashton Wilken (Attendance)

2 Dan Wilken (Attendance)

7 Robyn Sprott (Attendance)

9 Heather McCreath (Attendance)

10 Julie Martin (Attendance)

12 Dru Clausner (Attendance)

13 John Speed (Attendance)

14 Paul Meier (Attendance)

15 Spencer Kelly (Attendance)

16 Shawn Carnegie (Attendance)

19 David Mutch (Attendance)

28 D Merkley (Attendance)

35 Manuela Ferrari (Attendance)

36 Tom Bellman (Attendance)

71 Bruce Lynn (Attendance)

79 Rocky Colangelo (Attendance)