Hockey Summit of the Arts

MTL Iceholes
Summit 2020
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MTL Iceholes Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
1 G Christian Lalanne (Attendance)

F Mike Snilner (Attendance)

2 D Brandon Lind (Attendance)

5 D Tommy Snilner (Attendance)

6 F Carl Guerin (Attendance)

7 F Jordan Bateman (Attendance)

8 D Josh Barzilay (Attendance)

11 F UJ Barzilay (Attendance)

14 D Graeme Lind (Attendance)

19 F Vincent Duquette (Attendance)

26 D Erik Lind (Attendance)

63 F Christophe Lett (Attendance)

68 F Harman Shiota (Attendance)

95 D Stephen Connors (Attendance)