Hockey Summit of the Arts

Bloordale Brownbears
Summit 2020
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Bloordale Brownbears Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
20 Goal Andrew Masse (Attendance)

F/D Amos Ainger (Attendance)

F Devin Cuddy (Attendance)

F Gary Edwards (Attendance)

D Alan Kraguljac (Attendance)

4 D Peter King (Attendance)

6 F/D Mike Grant (Attendance)

7 D Max Hurd (Attendance)

8 F Jon Robba (Attendance)

12 F Nick Rose (Attendance)

24 F/D Bryan Boake (Attendance)

24 F Mike Tatum (Attendance)

47 F/D Maggie Kuusisto (Attendance)

56 D Michael Cotter (Attendance)

78 F Alex Fournier (Attendance)