Hockey Summit of the Arts

Black Hearts
Summit 2020
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Black Hearts Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
1 Goalie Dan Levay (Attendance)

6 wing diana olsen (Attendance)

9 defence matt espie (Attendance)

10 forward / defense kelly dutton right (Attendance)
12 wing / defence michael mcshane (Attendance)

17 centre simon dragland (Attendance)

19 wing / centre cameron gillmoure (Attendance)

21 wing kim temple (Attendance)

22 wing / defence shawn cantelon (Attendance)

26 defence carolyn lawrence (Attendance)

28 wing / centre daryl d'souza (Attendance)

31 forward/centre sarah cunningham (Attendance)

46 defense gemma wain (Attendance)

96 Forward Brady MacIssac (Attendance)