Hockey Summit of the Arts

The Cosmic Daves
Summit 2019
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The Cosmic Daves Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
11 G Sloppy Dave Pepper (Attendance)

420 G Dave the Goalie (Attendance)

2 D Dave Facewash Watts (Attendance)

4 F Dave Afterbirth Jose (Attendance)

7 F Dave Wheres The Bar Marcoux (Attendance)

8 F Dave The Rock (Attendance)

9 F Dave King (Attendance)

10 D Dave Rusty Rivets Browning (Attendance)

12 F Dave Fast Eddy Tulini (Attendance)

13 F Blind Dave Condratto (Attendance)

17 F Dave Mad Dog MacGreggor (Attendance)

25 F Dave 'My Names Not Dave' O'Hara (Attendance)

34 F Dave Rye Press McKnight (Attendance)

42 W Dave Councillor McCausland (Attendance)

54 F Dave Penis Breath Jose (Attendance)

69 F Dave Dutch Koetsier (Attendance)

93 W Dave Stinky Fingers Dunn (Attendance)