Hockey Summit of the Arts

Edmonton Gong Show
Summit 2018
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Edmonton Gong Show Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
33 Goalie Ryan Almeida Left (Attendance)

0 Defence Robert Fidler Right (Attendance)

1 Forward Jason Jocko Right (Attendance)

2 Defence Adam Walker Right (Attendance)

3 Forward Chris Knight Left (Attendance)

4 Defence Nelson Gayman Right (Attendance)

5 Forward Mike Bell Left (Attendance)

6 Forward Maxime Brossard Left (Attendance)

7 Forward Christopher Bentz Left (Attendance)

8 Defence Kelly Roberts Right (Attendance)

9 Forward Nathan Roy Left (Attendance)

10 Forward Matt Bortolusi Left (Attendance)

11 Forward Brenton Bentz Left (Attendance)

17 Forward Jean Nicolas Choquette Left (Attendance)

27 Defence Bryan Kramer Right (Attendance)

66 Defence Jordan Slepak Left (Attendance)

Spare Roster
Forward Dillan Wabegijig Right (Attendance)

Forward Tyler Sands Left (Attendance)

Forward Evan White Right (Attendance)

Defence Justine Gayman Right (Attendance)