Hockey Summit of the Arts

MTL Cougars HC
Summit 2018
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MTL Cougars HC Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
1 goaler aaron fraser l (Attendance)

forward mike avedesian (Attendance)

forward charlie rishor (Attendance)

forward timothy horlor (Attendance)

7 defense Mike Minnis (Attendance)

8 Colin Fitzpatrick (Attendance)

9 forward Mike "Junior" Ballard (Attendance)

11 defense mark azoulay (Attendance)

12 forward shante zaccaria (Attendance)

17 forward Nick Hearn (Attendance)

23 Virginie Bouetz-Andrieu (Attendance)

27 defense justin crowder (Attendance)

27 Matt "The Warden" Ward (Attendance)

40 forward jordan burgess (Attendance)

67 defense brett myles (Attendance)

91 forward Eric bannon (Attendance)