Hockey Summit of the Arts

Summit 2018
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LTS Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
35 Goalie Brendon Ringwood (Attendance)

2 James LeDuc (Attendance)

3 Beau Ferris (Attendance)

4 Wes Gardner (Attendance)

7 Mike Brennan (Attendance)

11 Jason Guitard (Attendance)

16 Jordan Adelstein (Attendance)

17 Adam Hagerman (Attendance)

18 Ally Bend (Attendance)

19 Kim Houde (Attendance)

21 Mike Momborquette (Attendance)

24 Scott Miller (Attendance)

27 Kirk MacRae (Attendance)

29 Clint Molnar (Attendance)

37 Georgia Siourounis (Attendance)

46 Mark MacRae (Attendance)

71 Trish Quirt (Attendance)

82 Jeremy Colbow (Attendance)