Hockey Summit of the Arts

Summit 2018
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MEAT Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
28 G brian Kobayakawa no (Attendance)

4 D heather "street" cunningham L (Attendance)

5 D mark "n'greet" andrews L (Attendance)

6 C ryan "puppet" ross L (Attendance)

7 C teppei "rotten" kamei R (Attendance)

11 C brad "balls" keller L (Attendance)

12 RW neil "sub" matthews R (Attendance)

16 C jay "no thanks I don't eat" hay R (Attendance)

19 LW todd "claw" beausoleil L (Attendance)

22 LW dimi "pie" hegglun L (Attendance)

42 LW sean "hook" jessop L (Attendance)

50 D rob "dead" cameron R (Attendance)

55 LW karl "byproduct" mcnelly L (Attendance)

57 RW brian "rotisserie" spencer R (Attendance)

78 D martin "beat the" jensen R (Attendance)

79 D bill "uncle" wheeler R (Attendance)

96 RW paul "smoked" leroux R (Attendance)