Hockey Summit of the Arts

Summit 2018
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CCCP Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
27 (20) G Darryl Webster L (Attendance)

8 (5) D Mike Mulqueen L (Attendance)

7 (K) C Luke Salomons L (Attendance)

9 RW Sue Vanstone R (Attendance)

10 LW Randy Ray L (Attendance)

11 LW David Sheps L (Attendance)

12 RW Eddie Solbach R (Attendance)

13 C Simon Willms L (Attendance)

15 RW Janet Morasutti L (Attendance)

19 LW Jay Snider L (Attendance)

40 D David Rudoler L (Attendance)

47 D Ciaran Megahey L (Attendance)

56 D Steve Richardson R (Attendance)

74 D Chris Rellinger L (Attendance)

84 D Kevin Rellinger R (Attendance)

88 C Matt Srutwa R (Attendance)