Hockey Summit of the Arts

Backcheck Republic
Summit 2018
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Backcheck Republic Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
29 G Patrick O'Connell (Attendance)

00 F/D Leanne Buck (Attendance)

2 F Dave Schmidt L (Attendance)

4 F Jana Bookholt (Attendance)

6 D Kirsty Wright (Attendance)

7 F Zoe Soper (Attendance)

9 D Jordan Kawai (Attendance)

10 F/D Josh Collings (Attendance)

14 F/D Amie Everett (Attendance)

15 F Geoff Voisin R (Attendance)

22 F William Fever (Attendance)

27 D Ryan Haas L (Attendance)

37 F Richard Chan (Attendance)

40 D Doug Husk (Attendance)

44 F Andy Smith (Attendance)

67 F Guy Walshe (Attendance)

83 F Emily Lebel (Attendance)

89 F Perry Walker R (Attendance)