Hockey Summit of the Arts

Summit 2018
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Morningstars Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
00 G Mark Robinson (Attendance)

3 D Mike MacMillan L (Attendance)

5 LW Rich Green L (Attendance)

7 C Tom Paterson L (Attendance)

8 RW Tim Etherington R (Attendance)

9 D Paul Steenhuisen L (Attendance)

10 D Murray Cooke L (Attendance)

11 C Stephen Stanley L (Attendance)

12 D Paul Chisholm L (Attendance)

13 C Jody Yvonne R (Attendance)

14 Dave Robinson R (Attendance)

17 D Dave Bidini L (Attendance)

18 C Chris Topping R (Attendance)

19 LW Tom Goodwin R (Attendance)

21 LW Jak Paterson L (Attendance)

39 Wing Markus Paterson L (Attendance)

71 RW Alun Piggins R (Attendance)

77 RW Greg Thomas L (Attendance)

79 RW Johnny Sinclair R (Attendance)

85 RW Josh Visser R (Attendance)