Hockey Summit of the Arts

Dufferin Groove
Summit 2018
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Dufferin Groove Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
30 Goalie Mario Pistone lousy (Attendance)

00 W Chris Dinsdale (Attendance)

Lukas Vos (Attendance)

Jeff Boulton (Attendance)

2 Tim Freeman from afar (Attendance)

3 D Jeremy Wilton (Attendance)

W 9 Cameron Ohlman straight (Attendance)

11 C Lee Kinder 5 hole (Attendance)

14 D Alex Lackovic (Attendance)

15 W Todd Meaney (Attendance)

16 D Bruce Freeman from the point (Attendance)

27 D Derek Smith (Attendance)

33 C Eric Martin (Attendance)

51 W Chris McBride (Attendance)

52 W Rob Morrison (Attendance)

71 D Duffy Worden (Attendance)

76 D Dave McBride through ankles (Attendance)

77 W Jason Aylsworth usually on net (Attendance)

79 W Grant Stockwell straight (Attendance)