Hockey Summit of the Arts

Brown Bears
Summit 2018
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Brown Bears Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
20 Goal Andrew Masse (Attendance)

3 Frank Cox O'Connell (Attendance)

4 Peter King (Attendance)

6 Mike Grant (Attendance)

8 Sarah Cunningham (Attendance)

9 Sean Edwards (Attendance)

10 Ben Gustafson (Attendance)

12 Nick Rose (Attendance)

16 Bryan Boake (Attendance)

24 Mike Tatum (Attendance)

39 Sacha Mishna (Attendance)

44 Neldie MacDonald (Attendance)

47 Maggie Kuusisto (Attendance)

51 Michael Cotter (Attendance)

67 Mike Murphy (Attendance)

68 Sean Dean (Attendance)