Hockey Summit of the Arts

April 19th to 21st, 2019

The Friendly Giants
Summit 2017
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The Friendly Giants Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
1 G Ian McKellar (Attendance)

5 F Adam Elliotson (Attendance)

13 F Eli Ham (Attendance)

15 D Alex Maveal (Attendance)

16 D Keith Barker (Attendance)

17 F Steve Clark (Attendance)

18 D Aaron Willis (Attendance)

19 F Sophia Lowe (Attendance)

20 F Chris Hanratty (Attendance)

22 F Nicolas Billon (Attendance)

24 F Marcus Lundgren (Attendance)
38 F Christina Kerr (Attendance)

41 D Corbin Smith (Attendance)

67 F Bobby Theodore (Attendance)

79 D Keith Hamilton (Attendance)