Hockey Summit of the Arts

Screaming Unyons
Summit 2017
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Screaming Unyons Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
Goalie Dave Fujita (Attendance)
Keegan Grebanier (Attendance)

Mark Lewis (Attendance)

Bryan Campbell (Attendance)

David Watts (Attendance)

Bob Mandl (Attendance)

Tim James (Attendance)

2 Tammy Grime (Attendance)

5 Loren Grebanier (Attendance)

10 Dino Naccarato (Attendance)

11 Sarah James (Attendance)
12 Murray Fenech (Attendance)

13 Linda Duemo (Attendance)

22 Tyler Lees Schmut (Attendance)

23 David Lee (Attendance)

41 Robin Wells (Attendance)

43 Brain Deines (Attendance)