Hockey Summit of the Arts

Republic Of Doyle
Summit 2017
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Republic Of Doyle Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
G Chris Short (Attendance)

21 G Greg Hawco (Attendance)

F/D Jeremy Charles (Attendance)

F Chris Bolton (Attendance)

F Devon Cuddy (Attendance)

F Jim Cuddy (Attendance)

F Ryan Graham (Attendance)

F Chris Ryan (Attendance)

F Mike Abbott (Attendance)

F Jordan Escott (Attendance)

F Scott Brophy (Attendance)

D Ken Ronson (Attendance)

D Mark Hynes (Attendance)

D Jody McClelland (Attendance)

D Ian Daley (Attendance)

4 D Michael McBride (Attendance)

14 F/D Terry Ryan (Attendance)

17 F Allan Hawco (Attendance)

22 D Eddy Wozney (Attendance)

88 F Francis Mooney (Attendance)