Hockey Summit of the Arts

Ottawa Valley Heavy Pucks
Summit 2017
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Ottawa Valley Heavy Pucks Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
0 Goalie FiveHole Hellish left (Attendance)

3 Defence Robin Pinkerton right (Attendance)

4 forward Jack Larmet left (Attendance)
6 Defence Chris Hinsberger right (Attendance)

7 centre Wally Hallco right (Attendance)

9 Defence Jason Junop Left (Attendance)

t winger Devon Cockheart left (Attendance)

11 winger Eric Stuart right (Attendance)

11 defence Matt MacGregor right (Attendance)

14 Defence Brian Walsh Left (Attendance)

21 Defence Geoffrey McPeek left (Attendance)

25 right wing Andrew Krause right (Attendance)

3a defence Mikey No Brakes right (Attendance)

xx winger Mitch toop left (Attendance)

xxx winger Manuela Ferrari right (Attendance)

Xxx winger Kenny Shred right (Attendance)