Hockey Summit of the Arts

Niagara Crystal Beach Comets
Summit 2017
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Niagara Crystal Beach Comets Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
1 Goalie/Defence Ben Pomeroy Right (Attendance)

1 Goalie James Dejardins right (Attendance)

2 Defence Matt Saranchuk Left (Attendance)

4 Defence Jesse Boyd Left (Attendance)

6 Defence Craig Leech Left (Attendance)

9 Forward Ryan Rivando Left (Attendance)

10 Forward Pat Damontinet Left (Attendance)

14 Forward Cole Shennan Left (Attendance)

16 Defence Stefon Van Noordt Left (Attendance)

17 Defence Chris Burny Right (Attendance)

18 Forward Adrian Thiessen Right (Attendance)

19 Defence Eric Lepp Left (Attendance)

21 Forward The Gooch Left (Attendance)

25 Defence Rob Jolicoeur Left (Attendance)

26 Forward Michael "MJ" Markarian Left (Attendance)

33 Forward Jay Peters Right (Attendance)

37 Forward Dan Oko Right (Attendance)

39 Forward Mike Markarian Left (Attendance)

77 Defence Chris Nowicki Left (Attendance)

96 Forward Tim Shaughnessy Left (Attendance)