Hockey Summit of the Arts

April 19th to 21st, 2019

Macks Eh
Summit 2017
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Macks Eh Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
4 Steve Stewart (Attendance)

7 Jason Jarrett (Attendance)

14 Rich Matheson (Attendance)

15 Doug Allen (Attendance)

16 Nicole Crabtree (Attendance)

18 Connor O'Grady (Attendance)

19 Liz Parry (Attendance)

20 Eugene Paunil (Attendance)

77 Mike Greene (Attendance)

AM Alex Matheson (Attendance)

AP Adam Wilson (Attendance)

IR Justin White (Attendance)

LM Lucas MacKenzie (Attendance)

QM Quentin Matheson (Attendance)

SB Shawn Dunbar (Attendance)