Hockey Summit of the Arts

March 30th to April 1st, 2018

Deadly Sins
Summit 2017
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Deadly Sins Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
30 G Dave "No Fun" Murray (Attendance)

IR [19] F Sam "Usury" Wesley (Attendance)

<3 F Beth "Lust" Bruder (Attendance)

2 D Jeff "Deegs" Deegan (Attendance)

5 D Darren "Rage" Butler (Attendance)

6 D Renee "Salacious" Desjardins (Attendance)

7 F Michael "Teabagger" Rachmel (Attendance)

10 F Garrett "Last Name on Jersey" Christie (Attendance)

11 F/D Jeff "Cromulence" Debutte (Attendance)

12 F/D Tyler "Avarice" Vincent (Attendance)

13 F Kevin James "Heartbreaker" O'Brien (Attendance)

14 F/D Rob "Grief" Grieve (Attendance)

20 F Adam "Strife" Skuse (Attendance)

28 F Andrew "Easy Rider" Lynch (Attendance)

4+ F Jenn "GB" Ryan (Attendance)

69 F/D Robbie "69" Haring (Attendance)

82 F Craig "Debauchery" Docherty (Attendance)

99 D Jordan "Ringer" Skuse (Attendance)