Hockey Summit of the Arts

Cosmic Daves Of Sudbury
Summit 2017
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Cosmic Daves Of Sudbury Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
420 G Luke Sellen (Attendance)

2 D David Wiewel L (Attendance)

4 F Max Jose R (Attendance)

7 D Kevin Marcoux R (Attendance)

8 D Rock David R (Attendance)

10 D Mark Browning L (Attendance)

12 F Jay Corcoran L (Attendance)

13 F Chad Condratto R (Attendance)

14 D Jules Russell (Attendance)

17 F Tristan Tulini R (Attendance)

25 F Meaghan O'Hara R (Attendance)

34 F Brett McKnight R (Attendance)

54 F Spencer Jose R (Attendance)

69 F Mark Koetsier R (Attendance)

9 F Sam King R (Attendance)