Hockey Summit of the Arts

Sgt. Rock
Summit 2017
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Game # 34667 Sgt. Rock at Clarmont Cougars
6:15 PM Friday, April 14, 2017 Buckingham Pad Four

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Sgt. Rock Roster
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Player Name Position Action
Active Roster
(*) Ron Fine G [login]
(*) Jeff Atley F/D [login]
(*) Mike Hurley F/D [login]
(*) Dan MacDougall F/D [login]
(*) Mike Auksi F/D [login]
(*) Damien Howard F/D [login]
(*) Chris Owens F [login]
(*) Matt Steeves F [login]
(*) Shafiq Vallani F [login]
(*) Matt Snow F [login]
(*) Jeremy Harris D [login]
(*) Andy Quan D [login]
(*) Thomas van der Bliek D [login]
(*) Teddy Campbell [login]
(*) Al Moore [login]
(*) Caralyn Quan [login]
(*) Jeff Burke [login]
(*) Lisa Flanagan [login]